Shimamiya Eiko – inner child

Lyrics and Composition: Shimamiya Eiko Arrangement: SORMA No.1 / Takase Kazuya   Translation: A line of wind crosses from the wharf of the sea which waits for spring It makes the ribbon in my chest flutter softly There was another me living in my pocket I looked up at his face as I felt a sign … Continue lendo Shimamiya Eiko – inner child

Kawada Mami – F

Lyrics: Kawada Mami Composition: Nakazaki Mai (as credited on the album, but it was revealed recently that Mami composed this song herself) Arrangement: Nakazaki Mai (wich is basically Nakazawa Tomoyuki, Ozaki Takeshi and Iuchi Maiko) Translation: Dawn A transitory light coming from a gap in the curtain Rubbing my thin eyes I looked up, it was four in … Continue lendo Kawada Mami – F